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Welcome to Science in the Pub Adelaide

Welcome to Science in the Pub Adelaide – the best way to get more scientific knowledge while enjoying your cold beer.

You may not need an excuse to visit the bar on a Friday evening, but if you ever need one, this is the best you can get anywhere.

Science in the Pub gives you access to scientific information in the most informal of all settings, right there in the Pub. In an age where mass media such as the internet and television provide limitless sources of information for everyone, the problem is no more access to the right information; it is determining if the knowledge is credible enough. Determining credibility can be quite tricky, but when it comes to scientific information, it just got easier.

Science in the Pub gatherings happen every month, and in these gatherings, the hot, latest, and controversial topics in science are all explored. The goal of Science in the Pub is to help attendees evaluate, examine, and sort through all the information available on a subject. At these gatherings, we have a panel of persons who have scientific expertise in that subject area, and they will form an evidence-based and logical opinion about that particular topic.


Astronomy studies the universe outside of the atmosphere of the earth. It is one of the oldest sciences in the world, stemming from the curiosity of people right from the ancient times till now. It includes the study of objects visible to the naked eyes such as the stars, sun, moon, and planets. It also covers the observation and analysis of things that the naked eye cannot see and require instruments such as telescopes and others; these generally include faraway galaxies, tiny particles, asteroids, etc. Astronomy further covers dark energy, dark matter, and all other significant questions about what happens in space.


The idea behind biology lies in the two Greek words that combine to form it – “bios” which means life and “logos” which means study. Biology is the study of life, natural life science that looks at the function, structure, origin, growth, distribution, and evolution of living organisms. It is how we understand all living things and the relationships existing between all forms of life.


At the root of it all, everything, including the world we live in is just a combination of atoms. Chemistry goes beyond what happens in the laboratory; it involves all of us as the study of matter which we all are. It is a quest to understand everything there is to matter, including why it is subject to changes.

Computer Science

Simply put, this is the study of computational systems and computers. In an age where almost all breakthroughs in Science are predicated on computers, it has become necessary to understand the idea behind this equipment and what makes it tick. In most cases, this means studying computer software which is where the real capabilities of the computer are.