Science In The Pub Adelaide


Science in the Pub Adelaide is the perfect way for you to increase your scientific knowledge while unwinding with a cold beer.

Science in the Pub gatherings gives you access to scientific information in an informal setting. At a time when mass media such as the internet and television now serve as sources of information, the problem is no longer getting the information; it is determining if the knowledge is credible enough. Unsubstantiated information appears everywhere now, even in tabloids and newspapers, and when it comes to Science, the information must be credible enough. Determining credibility can be quite tricky, but when it comes to scientific knowledge, it just got easier.

Science in the Pub gatherings happen every month, and in these gatherings, the hot, latest, and controversial topics in Science are all explored. These gatherings help you substantiate the information available to you and attending one is all you need to discard the wrong knowledge you may have. The goal of Science in the Pub is to help attendees evaluate, examine, and sort through all the information available on a subject. At these gatherings, we have a panel of persons who have scientific expertise in that subject area, and they will form an evidence-based and logical opinion about that particular topic.

The goal of Science in the Pub is to encourage and promote enthusiasm and understanding of science, technology, education, and mathematics (STEM), especially among the general public. The development of any society depends significantly on these fields, and the only way these fields of study can develop is with the understanding and participation of more people.

Science in the Pub aims to bring people who have a background or interest in Science together so they can criticise, understand, debate, and learn more about current scientific issues. Rather than use formal academic settings, learning about Science in a pub gives more people access and will encourage more people to be part of the discussion. Generally, members of the general public rarely attend scientific events in traditional academic settings. However, when the formality of such events is stripped off as we do at Science in the Pub, more people are willing to participate.

Science in the Pub is not a lecture series where experts come to deliver long, boring lectures to attendees. It is a panel discussion where between 2 to 4 panellists give concise presentations lasting no more than 10 minutes, and the audiences ask questions through the moderator afterwards. Once that is done, scientific debates and discussions continue informally among the attendees.

Panellists are not picked based on their ability to present scientific information in an engaging and easy to understand format. They come from various fields with expertise in multiple backgrounds revolving around STEM – Some of them are researchers, academics, working professionals, and also members of the public who are knowledgeable on the subject. Variety of perspectives means every opinion is respected and based on scientific evidence.