Science In The Pub Adelaide


Science in the Pub operates based on a set of rules. Like all gatherings where there are lots of people involved, these rules are necessary to maintain order and ensure that everything goes as planned. Every attendee is expected to abide by the rules. The Rules of Science in the Pub include;

You must tell people about Science in the Pub

Science in the Pub is a monthly event opened to the general public. It is designed for the general public. That is why it is necessary to have as many attendees from the general public as possible. One of the most effective ways to do this is by asking our present attendees to inform their family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. It is important to spread the message so more people can get access to credible scientific information, and we can improve the understanding of the general public. If you enjoy Science in the Pub gatherings, tell someone about it.

The event is meant to be informal and fun

What makes Science in the Pub stand out is its informality. This is not an event where bureaucratic rules prevail, or people have to dress in specific ways to attend. Come in your comfortable wears. When at the event, you are free to anything as long as you observe the expected decorum. There is a good reason for hosting it in the Pub, so if you need to refill your drink, visit the toilet, or leave before the discussion is over, you are free to. By all means, do whatever you need to do.

One Primary Discussion at a time

\You can discuss any topic you want with your neighbours. That is one of the purposes of the event – to connect science enthusiasts. However, you should make sure that you do this at a low volume so you won’t distract others who are listening to the primary discussion. It is important whatever you do not affect those who are engaged in the primary discussion.

The discussion will last for as long as necessary

The Panellists and moderator are in charge of anchoring the discussion. Any discussion will last for as long as it is necessary, and the moderator will not stop or interfere with the discussion as long as it is evidence-based and productive.

Don't Interrupt whoever has the floor

Once someone is speaking, you must wait till they are done. No interruptions are allowed, and using a louder voice doesn’t mean your argument is better.

Discussions must be evidence-based

This is the most critical rule of Science in the Pub. Every discussion must be based on substantiated evidence. The goal is to improve attendees’ ability to evaluate science-based evidence while having an enjoyable night.  Thus, while all opinions are welcome, they must be based on evidence. Pseudoscience and beliefs will always carry less weight.